Referee Guidelines

For evaluating the article, you can follow the sequence below.

1. If not a member of the journal, enter the required information from the "Sign Up" button and get the username and password.

2. Confirm your membership by clicking on the confirmation extension delivered to the e-mail address you submitted for membership.

3. Log in to the referee page of the journal by entering the "username" and "password" you have already received after returning to the "Enter" button on the upper right side of the entry page of the journal.

4. Click the "In Process Articles" button on the left.

5. Click on the title of the article you will see on this page.

6. Click the "I want to evaluate" button in the green section to evaluate the article on the opened page.

7. You can download the article file by clicking on the heading "Evaluation Version" in the dialogue section.

8. Click on the "FILL FORM" link on the same page.

9. After completing the filling process, press "SAVE" button. If sure, complete the filling process by clicking on the "SEND" button.

10. If you have corrected the article, upload it to the system from the "ADD FILE" section. Finally click "SEND" button to finalize the operation.

For system entry and evaluation issues:

You can get help from or websites.