Writing Rules

Yayın İlkeleri ve Yazım Kuralları

The Principles of the Publication and Writing Rules

مبادئ النشر- قواعد كتابة الـمقالة

BUSBED is an international academic journal published by Bingöl University Social Sciences Institute. Spring (April) and fall (October) period is published as 2 issues per year. Original articles written in Turkish, Arabic or English in the area of social sciences are published in this journal. Articles are published after being approved by the editorial and advisory boards.

Deadline for article acceptance: end of November for Spring Semester, end of May for Fall Semester. 

We consider for publication in journal published articles which:
Report original science, and add significantly to research already publishedare of interest to the community are scientifically rigorous have sound motivation and purpose have not been published previously in the peer-reviewed literature, including in another language are not under consideration for publication in any other peer-reviewed journal or book available through a library or by purchase.

Articles reporting work that was originally presented at a conference may be submitted, provided these articles do not appear in substantially the same form in a peer-reviewed, published conference proceeding. Again, authors should take care to ensure the format of a research paper is used. The article length should also be appropriate to the content. In case of doubt, please enquire with the journal.

All articles are judged solely on their scientific merits. Unbiased consideration is given to all manuscripts offered for publication regardless of whether or not the authors request publication on an open access basis and regardless of the race, gender, religious belief, ethnic origin, citizenship, political philosophy, sexual orientation, age or reputation of the authors.

The APA reference style is used in the articles.

The article, must be adapted to journal writing rules before submission. Click here for the writing rules.


- The article will not be considered and published,

- If the board of editors don’t approve it,

- If author participation and record information are not sufficient,

If it has no author ORCID revise number,

If it is not prepared according to the writing rules of the journal,

If it has more than two authors,

If it has no abstract either in Turkish or English (Arabic according to the state), or has non-uniform abstract,

If classic footnote system is used without force majeure,

If it is the second article of the author within one year except from the special decide of the board of editors,

If the name of the author is written in any part of the page or file,

If, in pre-examination, it is not to be enough to be published in terms of content, format, resource, evaluation, method, language and etc.

If it is less than 8 and more than 20 pages except from the special decide of the board of editors,

If its evaluation period cannot be completed till the inception of the printing and publishing process of the journal,

If it is sent after the end of the maximum capacity of the related issue of the journal.